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Resume Writing Tips

resume tips

Writing your resume can be a complicated process as it is reviewed by software as well as hiring managers. Before you can share your skills and experiences to a hiring manager in an interview, this information has to be included in your resume in a strategic manner.

Include all Your Contact Information

This may seem like an obvious tip but this sometimes causes oversight on the job seekers part and may impact their chances of being contacted by a employer. Information such as full name, full address, phone number (cell phone preferred) and email address should be included in the resume contact section(see sample here); ensure that you have a professional email address and a professional voice mail setup on your phone.

Include Keywords

The importance of keywords in a resume is sometimes overlooked by job seekers, but using keywords as a search tool assists employers to sort through high volumes of resumes to find individuals that match the requirements posted in a job description. Keywords are broken down into three categories: skill, recognition and results oriented keywords, with each being used depending on job requirements and should match with keywords included on your cover letter.This also is beneficial for applying to companies that are using recruitment management software to screen candidates as they usually scan resumes for predefined keywords. Look at these resume keywords and decide which are best to suit your skills and include them in your resume.

Choose the Right Format

There are several resume formats that are fit for different situations and deciding which is best for your is an important decision in crafting your resume. Chronological, Functional and targeted are a few types of resume formats that each place emphasis on different sections of your resume. Look at the complete resume format list and decide which is most suited for the skills and experience you’re offering.

Identify Accomplishments

Hiring managers are seeking individuals that can solve problems or satisfy a need in the company, this is even more important in technical fields. Don’t focus you resume on what the job was and how long you were doing it but instead focus on what YOU did in the role, using numbers to quantify your accomplishments will be a great help as making general claims such as “I did a great job for 5 years” doesn’t compare with ” I increased company profits by 30% last year”. Working backwards and asking yourself questions such as “If I didn’t do X, this would’ve happened” to truly get a gauge on your impact in a past role.