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Job Search Tips


Is your job hunt off to a slow start? Are you sending out multiple resumes without receiving any responses?  We want to provide some tips for your job search that will make your job search more effective and focused, which in turn will lead to a higher chance of success.

Be Prepared

Ensure that you have your cell phone number on your resume to ensure a timely follow up and have a professional voicemail recorded that have a good impression on your possible employer in case you aren’t available to answer. Sign up for a professional email address as employers may be less reluctant to hire a candidate with “ladiesman2015@gmail.com” as their email address; this will also improve organization as it separates your job emails from personal emails.

Use Job Search Engines

Utilize job search engines to search through associations, major job boards and company sites for available postings. This will allow you to search through all open postings and the advanced search feature will give you the ability to fine tune your search by salary, location or other search parameters. Popular job boards include indeed.com, monster.com and craigslist.com is popular for local searches.

Get Social

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn are catered to the modern day job seeker as a candidate is able to make connections with individuals that are already employed with a company of your liking. Building a good rapport may allow you to get information on any positions opening or you may gain a very valuable reference; they may also be your eyes into a company where you can find out what a company is like on a day to day basis.

Clean Up Your Online Profile

What results will an employer see if they type you name into a search engine? This is something that is often overlooked by job seekers as they use their time to perfectly craft their resume and putting their best foot forward. Self-Googling is a smart way to assess if your online personality is in line with what was expressed on a resume and cover letter, this may uncover items that you may have been unaware of and can begin looking into removing such as compromising pictures or blogs relaying negative messages whether written or endorsed by you. Assessing social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are also important as they may have pictures that weren’t uploaded by you but your friends who “tagged” your name.

Be Persistent

Submitting your resume is a great first step but the key to standing out from the pack is follow up. Don’t be afraid to call or email a prospective employer to see if the position is still open or if they reviewed your resume, this also shows a prospective employer your enthusiasm and persistence which are skills all employers are seeking. It is recommended to follow up on either Tuesday or Thursday as Mondays are usually busy days and on Fridays people are getting ready for the weekend.