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Interview Tips

job interview

Job interviews never seem to get any easier, even when you have done them multiple times as your experience can differ on each interview. You have to sell yourself, your skills and staying upbeat and enthusiastic. All this while asking questions and being observant to ensure that the company is a good fit for you; this is an important step that is often overlooked by job seekers.


Practice makes perfect, so take some time and practice answering interview questions. It’s not possible to know every question that an employer will ask but you can practice using typical interview questions as they are sometimes used in the interview process. Practice will assist you in perfecting your tone and in turn will increase your confidence as candidates can become flustered when asked a question to answer on the spot. When answering question, ensure to use examples that highlight your skills and think of your answers in the format “Problem – Solution – Outcome”, this will give an employer a better idea of how how capable you are of applying your skills into work situations.


Take the time to fully research the hiring company and the industry they are in as this information can be integrated into your answers, this show employers your interest in working with them. With access to the internet the information we can gather can prove very valuable; finding out who the hiring manager is and who had the position before or is this a new position are some of the details you can discover by checking the social profiles for a company and checking Google news.

Be Ready

Ensure that your attire for your interview is appropriate for the firm you are interviewing with and remember to bring copies of your resume and notepad and pen for note taking. Visiting the interview location prior to the interview will be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the area and a route to take since arriving to your interview on time (10 – 15 minutes early) is mandatory. During the interview it’s very important to stay calm and be relaxed as your body language can become louder than your voice and make your answers lack confidence. Maintaining eye contact with an interviewer while giving your answer will show you attentiveness and display your communication skills. Practice active listening (listening to the entire question) before you answer a question as forgetting a question will be embarrassing and can be difficult to recover from.

Asking Questions

Now that you have confidently answered the questions presented by the hiring manager, one important step is left. An interviewer will always open the floor for you to ask any questions you may have, this is your opportunity to show your interest level and your level of preparation. This is your chance to ask questions that will give you a chance to assess a company and ensure that the position is a good fit for you, this is a good way to find out about company direction, culture and daily responsibilities of the position. Click here to see some good interview questions to ask an employer.

Follow Up

Always follow up with a thank you note with 24-hours of your interview to restate you interest in the position and to include any details you didn’t mention during the interview. If you were interviewed by multiple people, try and send each one a note as you can get an email address for them by doing a little research.