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Never Out of Mind: 5 Air Conditioner Tips for the Winter

Posted on Blog, Tips January 15, 2019

You might use your AC less during the winter, but it still needs some attention. Check out these air conditioning tips to maintain your unit in the winter.

Winter may have milder temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you get to forget about your air conditioner.

Believe it or not, your home’s AC unit can still see some wear and tear, even if you’re not using it as much as you did during the summer.

The easiest way to keep things running smoothly is to give your system a little winter TLC. But how do you know what needs to be taken care of?

In this guide, we’ll cover a few of the most useful air conditioning tips to help keep your system working properly, even in the middle of winter.

  1. Change Out Your Filters

Your HVAC system uses filters to keep contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and debris out of your home.

After a warm summer and fall, those filters are often dirty and clogged. When left unaddressed, all that dirt can lower your indoor air quality.

Worse, it can cause your entire system to work less efficiently.

Start winter off with fresh high-quality air filters and inspect them once a month. If they start to look dirty, replace them. Depending on how much you use the HVAC system, you may need to change the filters every six weeks.

  1. Schedule a Tune-Up

After a warm summer, your AC unit will need a tune-up. Leaving minor repairs to sit over the winter months can make the damage worse.

Instead of being surprised by high repair bills in spring or having the unit break down a few weeks into the warmer months, schedule a professional tune-up.

They’ll inspect your HVAC system and make sure the components are in good working order. This will extend the life of your unit and helps keep energy bills low.

  1. Consider Replacing It

If you’re battling with high energy costs or frequent repair appointments, it may be better to replace the unit altogether.

Newer units can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Make sure the new system is ENERGY STAR qualified for maximum savings.

If you can’t remember when the unit was installed, or it’s been more than 10 years since you bought a new system, consider upgrading now.

  1. Cover the Outside Unit

Winter is hard on the exterior components of your air conditioning system. Keep them safe from damage with an air conditioner cover.

The cover keeps dirt, debris, and even pests out of the outdoor unit. The fewer contaminants and buildup that get inside the system, the fewer repair issues you’ll have.

Once you’re ready to use the air conditioner again, remove the cover.

  1. Inspect Your System Every Week

Make a habit of inspecting your system each week. If any leaves, twigs, or bird droppings collect on the outdoor condenser unit, clear them away.

If you see cracks in the plastic or notice any other damage, schedule a service appointment immediately.

The earlier minor damage is caught, the better off your air conditioner will be.

Need More Air Conditioning Tips?

Contact us today to schedule a full system inspection and let our experienced technicians give you helpful air conditioning tips to keep your unit running properly.


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