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Global HVAC Market Predicted Grow Significantly Over 5 Years

Posted on HVAC News January 23, 2015 by Emily Jones

Air conditioning was once considered a luxury but it has become a necessity (especially for those in subtropical and tropical climates). The global residential and commercial HVAC industry was a 75.4 billion dollar market last year in 2014 and is expected to increase over 50% by 2019 and reach 116 billion. This works out to Read More…

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The HVAC Market Is Looking Positive For 2015

Posted on HVAC News January 20, 2015 by Emily Jones

The economic fallout of 2007 impacted many industries and the HVAC market was definitely one of them, The collapse of the housing market is what brought about the recession and this in turn affected the HVAC industry as there was much less demand. However, nearly 8 years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Read More…

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